In May of 2014, my sister and I, were packing for a Memorial Day weekend on the coast. After cramming clothing, countless board games , stuffed animals, and towels for two families into 6 suitcases, we beckoned our husbands to load up the cars. One of the guys asked “Do we really need two suitcases full of towels for a three day weekend?” In that very moment,  the idea for Howluu was formed.  

As children in Turkey, we recalled many fond memories of traditional Turkish baths, known as Hamams, or public baths. Since the 14th century AD, traditional towels, known as Peshtamel were used as primary accoutrements in the Hamams. These amazingly thin towels could be wrapped around the body as garments while in the baths. Their ability to dry quickly and be packed compactly made them perfect for hamam patrons wishing to dry themselves after bathing. More ornate and decorative versions of these unique towels were used throughout the Ottoman Empire by royal women and courtiers within Ottoman palaces. This adoption by the Ottoman influencers of the time transformed the peshtamel into items of both fashion and utility. 

We set out on an endeavor to build relationships with the best peshtamel producers in all of Turkey. Our journey led us to Turkey’s coastal villages, whose historic textile looms have been producing the world’s finest and most intriguing peshtamel designs since the 17th century AD. Our first products made their journey across the Atlantic inside of our family suitcases, much like those that had inspired us to begin this journey.

Since then, we have met thousands of amazing supporters and customers who have made Howluu’s products their go-to solution to the bulky and bland towels and textiles that we all dread stuffing into linen closets and luggage. We have worked tirelessly to bring the luxury, utility, and beauty of traditional Turkish peshtamel towels to our friends, families, and valued customers. Though our customers continue to find excitement in our introduction of special collections and new offerings, it is our steadfast commitment to offering products that inspire both the eye and the heart that keeps us going.

Please join us as we continue to diligently pursue our dream of bringing Howluu into the homes and suitcases of families like ours around the world.